Digital intelligence experts eSmart Systems and digital chart experts Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) join forces to deliver world-class map technology.

Kirsten Elisabeth Bøe and Ralph Daber from ECC are joining forces with Tore Lie and Erik Åsberg from eSmart Systems.

Together, we work in a disruptive reality and develop solutions with huge potential, both in Norway and the rest of the world. This collaboration will become the core in developing Thundercloud, our end-to-end solution for energy companies

Knut Johansen
CEO of eSmart Systems

This week Johansen’s company signed an important contract with Electronic Chart Centre (ECC), which marks the beginning of a new and groundbreaking collaboration.

Secures total overview

The idea is that we deliver our chart solution to eSmart’s Connected Thundercloud solutions, which is flexible and adaptable to fit the need of the customer. Our core competence lies in making the chart interface as smooth, understandable and logic as possible

Kirsten Bøe
Project manager at ECC

ECC is a state-owned company which provides a niche centre of expertise for the collection, quality management and distribution of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) globally. Their work involves ensuring the Norwegian Air Ambulance has updated maps at all times, and can fly and land safely.

“For us, the collaboration is important for several reasons. It has to do with safety, security and overview. Just like helicopter flights need approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, we need approval before flying our drones, notes Johansen.

“eSmart exploits the potential”

ECC has developed Norway’s most downloaded navigational app, called NaVida. It is the first and only mobile application based on the best and most updated Norwegian map since the Norwegian Mapping Authority release of viewing services on December 1st, 2009.

From our side, the goal is to provide value to a new industry and deliver a solution that we have spent much time and energy developing

explains Bøe. She adds

“We would like to reuse the technology and at the same time develop it further, alongside someone who can exploit its full potential. As two Norwegian companies, we wish to make each other better.

World-class technology

Tore Lie, project manager at eSmart Systems, emphasizes the fact that the two collaboration partners aim to do something no-one else has done before them.

What we are developing together, is actually world-class map technology. We are aboput to solve something that has not been done before

comments Lie

“Together, we know that we can deliver a ‘best-in-class’ solution, while at the same time providing certain societal benefits. This collaboration is win-win-win. Not just for the ECC and eSmart Systems, but for the client as well, supplements CEO of ECC, Ralph Daber.

About Electronic Chart Centre:

  • A state-owned company which provides a niche centre of expertise for the collection, quality management and distribution of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) globally.
  • ECC was founded in 1999 and is located in Stavanger, Norway.
  • The company’s vision is to contribute to greater safety and security, lower costs and enhanced efficiency at sea and on land by rapidly developing technology to fit clients’ needs.

About eSmart Systems:

  • eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and smart communities.
  • The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge-based, leading IT and energy-related companies targeting global markets.
  • The company’s platform is designed to handle and exploit the Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics in real time.

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