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Reduction Per Year
In Inspection Costs


More Images Analyzed Per Hour
Versus Manual Review

Achieve improved efficiency, greater accuracy, and consistency with your overhead line inspections.

We provide Inspection Management for transmission and distribution utilities globally.
We utilize Grid Vision® Inspect, an operationally-ready solution that leverages Collaborative-Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a condition-based approach to overhead line inspections. We can provide Inspection as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) for your infrastructure inspection needs.

Our customers have realized the following potential benefits when utilizing Grid Vision for their inspections.

  • Reduced failure rates
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced costs
  • Extended Asset life

Why Us?

Grid Vision Inspect enables a truly virtual and digital inspection process and delivers
automation from day one through the 30+ AI models that are already trained on over 3 million global images. Human experts have also logged tens of thousands of hours of operational virtual inspections utilizing Grid Vision, providing invaluable feedback to continually enhance time saving features that allow inspectors to focus on the highest-value activities.

  • Mature world-leading AI
  • Built for scale
  • Collaborative-AI
  • Unique asset-centric approach
  • Global partner ecosystem
  • Hardware-agnostic

Supporting End-to-End Inspection Process


Our Grid Vision software builds the insights you need to optimize your inspection planning.

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We work with the most experienced and progressive capture companies in the industry to provide the best possible data quality when capturing images for inspections.

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Grid Vision Inspect with our purpose-built AI models will help your subject matter experts perform virtual inspections quicker and with higher accuracy.

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Grid Vision Insight provides you an overview of your assets condition, asset inspection history and development over time.

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Continuously Improved Inspections

Our approach to AI is what is often referenced to as Collaborative AI. Our AI and the users of Grid Vision work together in our software. The users give continuous feedback to our AI which then improves and brings more value to the Grid Vision software.
This approach includes all our users, which leads to a strong self-reinforcing effect that continuously improves our AI, a network effect that benefits all our customers.


Grid Vision Insight

Empowering teams with the right data.

Grid Vision Insight is a web-based application that enables multiple users to drill down
into asset inspection data on multiple devices. Grid Vision Insight unlocks additional value to the inspection process by empowering organizations to make better data-based decisions for asset maintenance investments and focus on assets that are a high priority.

Supporting key activities:

  • Conditional assessment
  • Maintenance operations
  • Planning
  • Asset management decisions

Manage inspection information based on the data you need in an easy to use application.

Defect Report

View, group, and annotate on results based on component, asset type, severity or defect.

Interactive Map

View assets and defects on the interactive map.

Collaborative Working

Share your dashboards with wider teams.

QA Workflow*

Annotate and feedback on inspection results.

Defect Report

Hear From Our Customers


This is another step towards a new paradigm in the operation and maintenance of our power distribution networks. We are betting on a strategy based on the digitalization of our assets and procedures, a journey where we keep innovating through several initiatives like the GALA project, in which we optimized the maintenance of our networks in terms of vegetation, and built a digital twin for our overhead lines.

Raúl Suárez
General Manager of UFD

We have been excited about eSmart since hearing about them through our partnership with Energy Impact Partners (EIP). Utilizing cutting-edge technology in the form of AI to inspect our distribution poles makes our electric grid smarter, improves our business processes and helps to keep the lights on for our customers.

Zac Gladhill
Director of Grid Integration and Innovation for OG&E

Grid Vision will provide great support for our powerline inspections. We see real value using the tool in our daily work, through improved visibility and awareness of our assets’ condition and the continuous learning of the algorithms driving better asset performance management

Nicolas Naef
Head of Maintenance Group Power Lines East at Axpo and Drone Pilot at Axpo
Energinet Quote

We needed a solution to help streamline our rust inspections and at the same time improve the end-to-end maintenance process. Working with eSmart Systems gives us access to world class AI and inspection management tools, and the ability to participate in the design of this all-new module is an exciting step on our innovation and digitalization journey.

Kenneth Nørup Knudsen
Team Leader and Senior Specialist at Energinet

Digital and innovative solutions are key for our grids in being the backbone of the energy transition. In order to achieve the best for our network customers, we also rely on strong partnerships with start-ups. By partnering with eSmart Systems, we are improving the accuracy of power grid inspections and the security of supply. Ultimately, fewer mast climbs will be necessary, resulting in an increase in work safety.

Thomas König
Responsible For Networks On The E.ON Board Of Management

Xcel Energy’s work on unmanned aircraft systems with our partners demonstrates that collaboration benefits customers, the economy, and the environment. Our company is an industry leader in using UAS technologies for transmission line inspections and our work with eSmart Systems and EDM will help improve the safety and reliability of the energy grid.

Michael Lamb
Senior Vice President, Transmission – Xcel Energy

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