Asset Information Management

Make better informed decisions based on trustworthy data.

We provide customized services to improve the quality and digitalize the information on your physical substation assets down to a single component by capturing onsite photos and data. Our team of qualified Asset Information Management experts and field engineers capture images, document the condition and highlight any concerns. The information is digitalized utilizing tooling powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and then made available to your organization.  We help you comply to regulation requirements and standards such as the ISO 5500 series.

Our Services

We provide a range of services for power generation, transmission, and distribution utilities. Our solutions include:

Conditional Assessment

We capture the condition of your substation assets utilizing visual documentation to ensure the objectivity of the conditional assessment is recorded. The information is then processed and structured utilizing AI powered software. Finally, this information is then available to import into your IT systems or you can access the information on our portal.


Asset Inventory

We help you establish and maintain a trustworthy Asset Inventory in your core IT systems by utilizing visual documentation and technical data. We start with your existing data and data model and then plan the capture and collect process. We structure and prepare all of the accurate information utilizing our AI powered processing software, so you can import the information into your core IT systems, such as ERP / CMMS, NIS / GIS and / or DMS system.


Asset Data Modelling

We can establish or revise your data models. Your data models are fundamental for you to represent your assets digitally, the relations between them and the information you need to have available digitally. We first work with you to identify stakeholders who need information about the equipment and at what level the information is needed. We then develop or revise the data models based on the findings. Setting up a sensible set of requirements enables you to identify which information is missing, to prioritize the work of filling the gaps.


Digitizing Technical Asset Documentation

Our team of Asset Information Management experts work with you to plan the digitalization of your technical assets. We start with available sources (paper and digital). We collect and process documents to extract, collect and enrich the desired metadata* from the documents. We eliminate duplication and link documents to substations and components. The end result can be imported to your desired Document Management System (DMS).

*Metadata includes information contained on the drawing, such as title, drawing number, drawing date, revision, etc

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Images Taken & Processed


Documents Processed

Why Us?

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    We are working with more than 10 major utilities globally.

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    We have established methodology to capture and integrate your data.

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    We have multidisciplinary teams with over 20 years of asset inspection experience.

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    We have AI-powered software tools which help utility companies organize and visualize their asset data.

Our Customers


This is our 4th attempt at trying to get our asset information updated. Colleagues who have been involved in the previous projects still don’t believe it’s going to work. That says something about how challenging it is.

Thijs Janssen
Team Lead, Asset Data Enrichment Team, Stedin

We’re very satisfied with the work Verico* has done for us. The authorities have stated that they haven’t seen any grid operator with better control of data and data acquisition than Lyse. That is thanks to Verico.

Frank Boholm
Head of O&M, Lyse Elnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

We are very pleased with the work Verico* has done for us. They have tools, expertise and work processes of the highest quality. In addition, they are concerned with continuous improvements and make adjustments to processes and methodologies continuously.

Thomas Lyngstad
Head of Asset Information, Statnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

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