• This program aims to digitalize the inspection process and improve grid resiliency.
  • 5-year framework agreement with eSmart Systems, Fugro and GeoAerospace.
  • Grid Vision® software will support ESB’s digitalization journey through delivering a digital representation of their physical grid through image-based digital asset.

Through a UAV Inspection Services Framework Contract, ESB will be inspecting up to 10.000 structures over 5 years ranging between 38kV to 400kV, through a virtual inspection program partnering with Fugro, GeoAerospace and eSmart Systems. This program will automate and digitalize their current inspections and will provide ESB with a conditional assessment of their towers as well as general condition analysis of their grid.

We are excited to accelerate our digitalization journey and were impressed with eSmart Systems virtual inspection software. With Fugro, GeoAerospace and eSmartSystems, we will gain efficiency through an end-to-end virtual inspection program, saving us time and costs associated with field visits, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting our goal to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Elaine Hannan
Overhead Lines Asset Manager, ESB Networks

The framework managed by ESB Engineering and Major Projects will include Fugro as service provider and partners GeoAerospace will be flying drones to capture images of the infrastructure. eSmart Systems will conduct the virtual inspection supported by AI within their Grid Vision software. The program will create an image-based digital asset within the Grid Vision software that will represent ESB’s physical grid. This will support ESB to gain value beyond the inspection by providing their teams with a digital representation of their physical infrastructure at their desk unlocking new efficiency gains and in turn reducing reactive maintenance.

We know from experience that moving to virtual inspections requires a holistic approach, and we are happy to be working with Fugro and GeoAerospace to ensure we bring the quickest time to value to ESB and support their zero-carbon emissions strategy within our program.

Henrik Bache
CEO, eSmart Systems

About ESB

At ESB, we are licensed to build, operate, maintain and develop the electricity network in the Republic of Ireland. We are driven to make a difference by achieving zero carbon emissions by 2040.

We are committed to leading the transition to a reliable, affordable, net zero energy future. A future that protects our customers and the economy by maintaining the security and affordability of energy.

About Fugro

Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it.

Through mapping, modelling and monitoring the built and natural environments we create a safe, liveable world.

About GeoAerospace

Founded in 2016, GeoAerospace is a university spin-out geospatial technology company comprising commercial pilots, drone operators, surveyors, geospatial scientists, platform developers and software engineers. With many of our staff originating from the National Centre for Geocomputation & Department of Computer Science at Maynooth University, we strive to be at the cutting edge of geospatial and remote sensing technologies. 

About eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems is a leading provider of AI-powered services and solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical energy infrastructure.

With our Grid Vision solutions we revolutionize how power utilities operate and maintain their generation plants, transmission and distribution networks.

Our solutions provide a data-driven and condition-based approach to infrastructure inspections and asset management decisions.  We support utilities globally to reduce inspection costs, improve inspection safety, improve asset data and prolonged asset life. eSmart Systems has more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge-based, leading IT and energy-related companies targeting global markets.

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