After three successful pilot projects with TEA clients, eSmart Systems and TEA (The Energy Authority) have signed a strategic partnership agreement to deliver analytics services.

On March 2nd TEA announced the launch of “TEA Connected Analytics” as a service on their Energy Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida.

Valuable partnership

The two companies have now conducted three successful pilot projects with TEA clients, and as a result, they have signed a strategic partnership agreement to deliver analytics services to clients of TEA in the US.

This initial success and partnership with TEA is of great value to our market expansion in North America. In addition to getting access to a large share of the utility market in the US, we will also get a partner with a long and deep understanding of the utility market and a strong IT and analytics practice

Knut H. H. Johansen
CEO of eSmart Systems

New core service

TEA is currently serving more than 50 public power utilities nationwide from their headquarter in Jacksonville, Florida, with additional offices in Seattle (Bellevue), Washington.

The new core service from TEA has gotten the name ‘TEA Connected Analytics’ and together we will continue to build and offer new analytics services to their clients

Knut Gustavsen
eSmart Systems’ CVP & President North America

Provides expertise

The service is based on eSmart Systems’ Connected Utility platform, which will provide the underlying data management and machine learning analysis systems. The Connected Utility platform is built in close cooperation with Microsoft, based on their Microsoft Azure services.

“One of the advantages with our collaboration is, not only does eSmart Systems have a very rich toolset in the connected grid application, but the approach to how they implement projects and the support that they provide behind that, and of course; the essence of who they are as a company, comments Tom Harvey, CIO of The Energy Authority.

See how TEA benefits from using the eSmart Systems software in delivering services to JEA, a municipal utility with more than 455,000 electric, 337,000 water and 261,000 sewer customers in Florida:

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