In November 2017, national politician Jonas Gahr Støre expressed a wish to work as a summer intern at eSmart Systems. Friday, June 23rd, his wish was fulfilled.

Jonas Gahr Støre spent his day at eSmart Systems coding for Connected Drone.

Jonas has contributed to Connected Drone and is effectively coding according to best practices. He values quality in his work and executes his profession with pride. During his rather short time in the company, Jonas became a natural centerpiece and has with his glow and interest been a good resource to his colleagues.

This is an excerpt from the work certificate the national politician and prime minister-candidate Jonas Gahr Støre received after his first (and last) day as a Summer Intern at eSmart Systems June 2017.

Minimum Wages

– That was amazing, I am almost touched, was Støre’s immediate reaction after the “judgment” was read out loud. Where as he quickly added:

– Maybe we can negotiate the salary now?, to the laugh from the many employees who were listening. Because after a presentation of the company and their most important projects, Støre’s internship started – as it should – with the review and signing of an employment contract. The pay? Zero.

– It’s fine, assured the Labour Party-leader.

The contract also said that “the employee shall, to the best of his ability, use knowledge and experience gained through his position, for the greater good of community and industry.”

– A wonderful wording, Støre exclaimed.

Learning to Code

Støre and his advisor for the day, NRK TV-host Live Nelvik (with a TV team), were handed, and changed into, shirts with the eSmart Systems logo.

– My job today is to give Jonas some tips for being popular in the working environment, because politicians are often a bit stiff. I am here to break down the wall, so to say,  Nelvik said with a smile.

Jonas Gahr Støre is been given input from “advisor” Live Nelvik from NRK.

The new summer intern then took place in front of a computer, where he logged in with his unique user – created for the occasion.

Now, you are going to use artificial intelligence in the form of image recognition to detect faults along power lines

Hans Gunnar Hansen
Senior System Developer

Wishes to Understand Digitalization

Støre nodded and carefully followed the instructions he was given. The politician seemed engaged and curious, and asked several questions along the way.

I have gained a further understanding of the importance of digitization and how we can use it to solve problems within social services. I will probably never be a programmer, but I have ambitions to understand more about how technology can be a tool for solving tasks in the community, “he emphasized after finishing his work at eSmart Systems.

Afterwards, he received a good lunch and distribution of the exceptionally good work certificate.

A Helping Hand

Neither Støre, nor his temporary advisor Live Nelvik, tried to conceal that they liked what they saw and heard at Remmen Kunnskapspark this day in June.

I do not think politicians are necessarily very up to date on future technology, but they need to be in order to manage this country. If not, they will build hospitals as if five years of technological progress is worth nothing. They must understand that the world will look different in twenty years, and that the changes will happen very fast. That is why I think Jonas being here today, is a way of trying to reach out a helping hand for more knowledge, which is good to see, commented Live Nelvik.

A good day for a short summer internship for Jonas Gahr Støre at eSmart Systems.

What we have experienced today, is very exciting. That is what I thought the last time i was visiting eSmart Systems, and that is what I think after visiting them again today. I would very much like to come here again – prefferably as prime minister of Norway, Støre revealed. He continued:

I would like to quote my Swedish colleague, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, when asked if he feared new technology. He replied: “No, I fear old.” We must stick to that.

This text is translated from the article posted by NCE Smart Innovation Norway/Mari Kristine Buckholm.

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