It has been an exciting journey over the last few months for eSmart Systems, we have been selected as a finalist in the Free Electrons 2021 program.  We started this journey in January of this year by applying to join the program.

Overview of Free Electrons 

The Free Electrons program connects start-ups with world-leading energy utilities including American Electric Power, AusNet Services, CLP, DEWA, EDP, E.ON, ESB, Origin Energy and SP Group. The objective of the program is to provide a platform where utilities and start-ups can work together to share innovative solutions that support utilities in addressing the challenges, they are facing in the energy sector today.  Start-ups address challenges from all parts of the energy value chain with innovative solutions.


The selection process was intense, where we had just 3 minutes with the selection panel to outline the value proposition of Grid Vision® and show a high-level approach for a possible pilot project.  After a week, we were short listed from over 500 applicants to 35 companies, who were to attend the Free Electrons bootcamp.     


The Free Electrons bootcamp is all about speaking directly to the utilities within the program and starting to shape possible pilot projects. 

The utility companies within the program obviously focus on different parts of the business, and as such we were matched in 1:1 meetings with decision-makers within the utilities that already saw the value of Grid Vision as an approach to achieve their vision of the future of line inspection.  This focused approach let us really hone in on the challenges, focus areas and priorities of the utility companies.  It was also a great platform for us to present our Grid Vision solution to utilities and explain how our solution supports utilities to digitalize how they maintain and inspect their overhead power lines. We also demonstrated how our asset-centric approach to overhead line inspections connects visual data to real assets which provides insights and detects defects resulting in more efficient grid inspections, reduced failure rates, reduced costs, safer inspections, and extended asset life. 

We have already gotten a great response on our product and approach, and have a number of follow up meetings already in the calendar. 


At the end of the bootcamp, the exciting news came that we were selected as one of 15 finalists to move to the next stage of the program. We are delighted to have made it through and are looking forward to working alongside leading global utilities in the next stage of the program.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be further shaping our pilot proposals with the utilities. 

More exciting news is sure to come soon! 

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