The R&D project Connected Drone 2 aims to increase asset insight and reduce the number of power outages. In June, the project completed the first out of a three-year project period.

eSmart Systems’ Project Manager, Kathrin Sunde, is pleased with the progress so far.

Over the past few months we have been working with further development of the Connected Drone software and the two apps; Mobile Ground Station and Field Inspector. Our Analytics team has also been working on algorithms for autonomous navigation of drones along power lines and demonstration of “hardware in the loop” flights in our simulation environment. Now, we look forward to start the next phase.


Innovating power line inspections

Connected Drone 2 is a combined innovation and product development project, and the next phase is focused on automatic UAVs missions in a simulated environment, including development of deep learning algorithms which can recognize assets like power lines and pylons in real time. The project will also focus on further improvement of algorithms for component and defect detection in images as well as significant improvements in the Connected Drone software.

Connected Drone 2 counts 22 participating grid companies, of which Øvre Eiker Nett is the latest addition. Arne Hanto Moen, CEO of Øvre Eiker Nett is looking forward to getting started.

As a small power grid company, we want to use the most modern and best tools available. Connected Drone 2 will enable us to get a better overview and insight into our distribution network. In addition, we hope that involvement in this innovative project will give Øvre Eiker Nett positive ripple effects


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