Supporting Inspection & Asset Management Processes

Our Grid Vision software is designed to help you improve your information and inspection methods for your critical infrastructure. We support the plan, capture, inspect, analyze and insight process for Inspection Management and Asset Information Management.


Inspection Management Solutions

Grid Vision Inspect

Our Grid Vision Inspect software leverages Collaborative-Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process imagery and data collected for overhead line inspections. The advance AI identifies components for inventory and recommends potential defects. The inspector can then validate the findings. We have one of the most mature AI libraries with 30+ models used on assets globally.

Grid Vision Insight

Once you have completed your inspection, the data collected is of value to other departments outside of the inspection team, including asset management, maintenance, operations and 3rd party suppliers. Grid Vision Insight is a web based portal designed to give access to the insights from the inspections in an easy to use tool.


Asset Information Management

Services and Solutions to improve your Asset Information

We help transmission and distribution utilities regain and retain control of their valuable asset data. We utilize a range to AI powered software and tooling to capture, process and structure asset data.

  • Grid Vision Asset Guide
  • Grid Vision Model Guide
  • Grid Vision Document Guide
  • Grid Vision Inspection Guide

Grid Vision – Permitto

Helps you keep track of digital security cards, access control, documentation and qualifications, improve HSE in your facilities and comply with FSE and the client regulations.

The Verico AIM offering is now integrated into the Grid Vision portfolio.

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