Inspection Management

Transitioning utilities to virtual and predictive asset inspections.

Our Inspection Management solutions are designed to support utilities to reduce inspection costs and improve inspection safety. Our focus is on electrical transmission and distribution utilities.

100,000 km of T&D lines have been inspected.
40+ Utilities globally are working with Grid Vision®.
40% reduction per year in overall inspection costs.


Asset Information Management Solutions

Building and visualizing accurate digital assets to manage the physical grid.

Our Asset Information Management solution support utilities in generation, transmission and distribution to improve the quality and reliability of their asset information.

45,000+ substations inspected.
9+ million photos taken.
10+ million documents processed.

The Verico AIM offering is now integrated into the Grid Vision portfolio.


Grid Vision Software

AI-powered software solutions to support Inspection Management and Asset Information Management services.

Our Grid Vision portfolio of software supports utilities globally to improve Inspection Management and Asset Information Management for critical energy infrastructure.

30+ AI models building one of largest classified datasets.
3 million+ images annotated.
2.5x more critical defects discovered versus manual methods.

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