SFE Nett and eSmart Systems have signed an agreement for the delivery of Connected Grid.

Since 2013, eSmart Systems has been developing Connected Grid in close cooperation with DSO’s SFE Nett, Norgesnett, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett and Glitre Energi Nett through an industrial research and development project. Connected Grid is an intelligent top system based entirely on a forward-looking architecture utilizing cloud services, IoT, Big Data and digital intelligence.

We look forward to use Connected Grid to capitalize on our investments in a smarter grid, by giving better operational control and make greater value out of the vast amount of data we collect in the future

Asgeir Aase

We are very pleased that SFE Nett has chosen to go in operative use with Connected Grid. We strongly believe that our technology will lead to significant savings for SFE Nett

Knut H. H. Johansen
CEO, eSmart Systems

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