Tuesday, eSmart Systems marked the end of the three-year research and innovation project Connected Drone. At the same time we kicked off a new project together with 17 power grid companies

What we see here today is the result of a fantastic team effort. Together we have managed to create a product that innovates the power grid industry

Knut Johansen
CEO of eSmart Systems

The product he is talking about is an intelligent assistant that combines artificial intelligence with machine learning to detect faults and weaknesses in the grid using image recognition and drones. 12 power grid companies have been partners in the project, as well as a number of technology partners.

Cooperation is essential for success 

When Connected Drone embarks on a new three-year R&D project, it focuses on further developing the product. The intelligent assistant will be further developed based on artificial intelligence of inspection data from drones and other sensors in the grid. Currently there are 17 Norwegian power grid companies participating in the project.

To achieve the results we want, input from the power grid companies along the way is very important to us

Tore Lie
Chief Product Officer of eSmart Systems

Involvement and cooperation with partners will be important also in the continuation of the project.

Lyse was one of the partners in Connected Drone 1, and we would like to accompany on the journey of this project. For us, it is especially the development of IT systems, algorithms and artificial intelligence that is exciting

Siri Torgersen Ravndal
Department manager at Lyse Elnett

Torgersen Ravndal also points out that the collaboration eSmart Systems has with the Civil Aviation Authority and other actors in the drone community are central to the project.

I think it’s important that we work systematically with this in the future for drones to be an important tool

she concludes

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