EMPOWER is a R&D project meant to contribute to reaching the EU climate goals regarding the usage of more renewable energy. Recently, eSmart Systems with consortium partners reached an important project milestone.

FAT-testing in eSmart Systems’ headquarters in Halden.

Friday, June 23rd 2017, partners from Norway, Germany and Spain met at the eSmart Systems headquarters in Halden to observe a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT-test) related to the project EMPOWER.

EMPOWER is a research and development project with a duration of three years. It lies under the EU-program Horizon 2020. EMPOWER started in January 2015, has a 60 MNOK budget and is meant to contribute to reaching the EU climate goals regarding the usage of more renewable energy.

eSmart Systems has developed a system which helps prosumers (users who also produce power) to gain a better overview of their own power consumption, and to save money by producing and storing power in a more effective and smart way. The system also permits sales of new services for power- and service providers. An important part of the delivery is flexibility management as needed for power utilities, something which can contribute to a reduced need for grid expansion.

Put to Trial

During the FAT-testing, the system delivery from eSmart Systems was put to trial, with testing of functionality for prosumer management, contract management and flexibility management.

The testing went as expected. We conducted a detailed test of functionality, with data collected from – among other – from the pilot area at Hvaler. Now, we are working toward making the solution more robust before the pilot activities this fall

Virginia Hyde
Project Manager at eSmart Systems

We were presented a comprehensive system solution which connects customers, markets and power utilities together in a whole new way. The systems is developed with good functionalities and has a user-friendly and attractive interface. This is a product which will have a short way to a larger, European market, and which will be a great tool for realizing a functional flexibility market. In Norway, this platform will perfectly fit provident power providers developing their business concepts to also include the revenues of flexibility. Norgesnett sees great opportunities, both in terms of efficient operations and good investments, in purchasing flexibility in such a market and such a system

Vidar Kristoffersen
From Norgesnett

For eSmart Systems, there lies great business potential in utilizing these system solutions in various new solutions. The EMPOWER functionalities are already being requested by companies and partners in the energy industry taking digitalization seriously. We are looking forward to working on implementing the EMPOWER-solutions to our customers

Joakim Sveli
Business Manager in eSmart Systems

After the FAT-testing, further work consists of strengthening the solution towards the next phase of the project – testing of the system solution in the pilot areas of Malta, Germany and Norway (Hvaler). This will be done during fall 2017.

The eSmart Systems EMPOWER-team after a well-done FAT-test in Halden.

More about EMPOWER:

The EMPOWER concept aims to encourage and enable the active participation of citizens who consume and produce energy in the electrical system. It is based on the insight that a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an increase of energy efficient appliances require radical changes in the way we produce, consume and manage energy resources. The goal of EMPOWER is therefore to develop an entirely new energy market in Europe where consumers can buy and sell locally produced energy from solar panels, micro wind turbines and other decentralized energy production, as well as offering flexible load to relieve central and regional infrastructure. This will be demonstrated and tested in three pilot site cities across Europe – in Germany, Norway and Malta.

EMPOWER is not only a project compromised of a sustainable energy future, but also an example of synergy among industry and university. The consortium is constituted by very diverse entities:

  • Norgesnett (NO)
  • Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MT)
  • NewEn Projects GmbH (DE)
  • Schneider Electric Norge AS (NO)
  • Smart Innovation Norway (NO)
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – CITCEA (ES) University of St. Gallen (CH)
  • eSmart Systems AS (NO)

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