Grid Vision will provide great support for our powerline inspections. We see real value using the tool in our daily work, through improved visibility and awareness of our assets’ condition and the continuous learning of the algorithms driving better asset performance management.

Nicolas Naef
Head of Maintenance Group Power Lines East at Axpo and Drone Pilot at Axpo

Improving The Efficiency Of End-To-End Powerline Lnspections

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    The Opportunity

    AXPO’s Grid 4.0 program aims to accelerate digital transformation within their grid business. New solutions are rolled out if they have success potential.

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    The Solution

    Grid Vision was used to inspect several powerlines as part of the 10-year control inspection program. Several AI models were deployed including conductor strand damage, broken insulators, contaminated insulators, flashed insulators, cracks in concrete crossarms and cracks in concrete poles. The Grid Vision export feature was used to create automatic reports summarizing the inspection results.

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    • Improved inspection workflow efficiencies by providing asset-based review and automating the organization and analysis of images.
    • Demonstrated potential for lower operating costs by using AI to assist subject matter experts during their inspections.
    • After a successful pilot, Axpo is now preparing to roll-out the solution on a larger scale

About AXPO

Axpo is an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. In Europe, the company markets 16,600 MW of renewable energy for its customers. Axpo develops innovative energy solutions for its customers in 40 countries across Europe, the USA, and Asia. In its Swiss home market, Axpo is the largest producer of renewable energy.

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